Elsa Avraam

Elsa Avraam (b. 1978) studied Painting at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) with Teta Makri and Stelios Koupegkos. She likes to create images that capture intimate emotional and mental states with both abstract and figurative forms. Elsa currently lives in Uppsala, Sweden with her family.  

Group Exhibitions


Group Exhibition, Cafe Aman, Thessaloniki


Musik on Paper, Thessaloniki


Dynitikes apotyposeis, Photosynkyria 2005, Thessaloniki


Moments of Stillness, Stigmes Akinisias, Pinakothiki Margari, Amfilohia
Moments of Stillness, Stigmes Akinisias, Gallery Zeuxis, Thessaloniki
Pedio Drasis Kodra, Thessaloniki
Graduates 2001-2003 of the School of Fine Arts, MMCA, Thessaloniki


Cultural center  El Matadero, Huesca, Spain (student exchange)
Second Biennale of Greece’s Schools of Fine Arts, Creta
Pedio Drasis Kodra, Thessaloniki  


From Moments of Stillness:

Avraam makes images that are poised between the abstract and the figurative, a dress on a mannequin in a shop window, for example, becomes an intriguing abstract shape bathed in a cool, almost clinical light. Her precision of drawing and clarity of image is closer to Richter than the others. She has confined her subject to the shop vitrine, which by extension opens the possibility of addressing the vacuity of consumerism and the cultural poverty of and yet alluring beauty of, the shopping mall.

John Bicknell, February 2003